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INFOGRAPHIC: Checking Out America’s Libraries
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I’m extremely proud to say that the Small Press Expo has now placed more than 1000 graphic novels from Independent publishers in Washington DC-area libraries as a part of our, now four year old, Graphic Novel Gift program.

And we are just getting started. I’m not going to be satisfied until SPX sponsored books are in a library in every state. And then every library, period.

Most people don’t know that there are A LOT of comics at the library too. Some of my customers that want to get into comics but don’t have the money to dabble into the world like they want to, i always tell them to get a library card and check out some comics from there. They have a great collection to pick from! 

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Monument Valley I ➾ Luke Gram

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Playing games

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Cornetto Trilogy toys by Kibooki ! More here

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the truth is out there

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