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(drawing of me provided by the beautifully talented Jessie/tumblr)

My name is Kyoko, and i’m a twenty-eight-year-old single woman who maintains that life is a fragile bit of luck in a world based on chance, that Vodka should be a beverage a girl can marry, that we all secretly dress like hipsters, that nobody’s grown a decent tomato since 1963. What else?  I work at a comic book store — and barista at coffe shop.  I maintain the perfect double identity for a superhero. 

I’m from a very tiny village outside of Nagasaki, Japan, born and raised. I came over to the states for Uni (then graduated), so now i’m in debt eating cups-of-noodles while doing nothing with my art degree like everybody else my age.  

In my life, I’ve always been a fugitive. if I don’t like something, I leave. I scatter my photos, give away my clothes, get rid of my books, sell my shoes. I move. I change boyfriends, haircuts, countries. I learn a new language. I trample my past deliberately. While avoiding my mirrors I repeat to myself that only the future matters. Making a tabula rasa of my life is my way of becoming someone else, or rather, of trying my best to become someone else. Too serious? I was tumblr’s staff pick once. That was cool. 

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