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Russian architects Arch Group have completed the first of their tiny hotel rooms for napping at airports. The Sleepbox unit at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport contains two beds and can be rented for between 30 minutes and several hours. The pod is equipped with LED reading lamps as well as sockets for charging laptops and mobile phones.

Imagine the situation where you are in a modern city, you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not a comfortable situation because modern aggressive cities give you no opportunity to rest and relax. If you want to sleep while waiting for your plane or train, you face many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable. For this purpose we have developed Sleepbox. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest without wasting time in search for a hotel.

Possible locations for Sleepbox include:

  • Railroad stations
  • Airports
  • Exhibition centers
  • Public and shopping centers
  • Accommodation facilities

Available options include:

  • Matted film on windows with changing transparency
  • Mood lighting – LED lamps with changing light colors
  • Built-in media block (TV, touch-screen monitor)
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Alarm, intercom
  • Safe deposit box
  • Built-in payment station with magnetic keys


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