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Outside of making traditional Japanese meals and knowing how to microwave, the only other thing I really can make is Vegetable soup with beef. With a particular rainy and cold day I figured the best choice in dinner would be a hot soup and it turned out really really good. Probably my best yet. Its my grandmothers recipe thats fool proof, it even says so on her cookbook. My tummy is smiling as we speak. 

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    Omg I would literally pay any sum of money for this soup right now. I have a cold, and my room is (inexplicably)...
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  3. pinotandthefigs said: Yay!!!!
  4. dearcassandra said: this looks beautiful!
  5. bicycleandukulele said: Today’s craving.
  6. actioncalvin said: I would like microwaveable traditional japanese meals. please and thanks.
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    oh my goodness I can taste that just looking at it mmmmmmmmmmm…
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