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Today i’m going to explore Venice before my flight back to London tonight. Ray and I are going to drag my suitcase all through the city unfortunately lol. I have tons of pictures to upload when I get to london, so be patient!

Yesterday I had an amazing gelato (pistachio, caramel, and peppered chocolate) along with hot chocolate. I’m getting spoiled over here. The architecture is just breath taking, I get caught up because the things i’m walking past are buildings and structures I read about in my art history books. So being able to experience them (especially the churches) is just amazing. Plus, I get to cross, “i woke up in Italy” off my bucket list.

I’m sorry I’ve been spotty all over my blog with no real updates. Since landing here the only thing I’ve had is shitty airport internet and borrowing people’s laptops. I’ll be more stable when I get back to London tonight. So thanks for sticking with me and making sure that i’m alright. I wish I could bring you all something back from this trip. Have a great night/morning you guys! 

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  1. theresalightout said: I await your next blog! I’m living vicariously through you so have some extra fun for me (:
  2. pinotandthefigs said: Yayayayay!!!!!
  3. tenkky said: Have a nice trip :)

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