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I told myself, “Kyoko I am super proud that you are handling the fact that your xbox is in another country. You haven’t had any twitches, you’re enjoying a new city without the distraction of video games, you know what - good fucking job bitch.” 

Then I turn off my lights in my room, and see this illuminating out my window.


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  2. willaciousd said: your blogs? seriously. i fucking LOVE following you! it’s gonna be amazing to keep up with you throughout your trip through europe! <3
  3. missneshaaa said: Today whilst pondering at the bus stop, I randomly wondered if you took your xbox with you. Thanks s’much for answering my question.
  4. drewcashin said: HA! SUCK IT!
  5. singlestarvingartist said: AHAHAHA that sucks
  6. ministryoflogic7 said: Hahahah ooh you poor soul
  7. amylouski said: Noooooo! Stay strong!!!
  8. joanography said: lol hang in there! :)

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