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Tonight.. was amazing. 

I went to my first London gig, and it so happens to be one of my favorite bands. Yesterday they had up on their facebook that there were spare tickets available and to email them to enter a chance in winning the tickets. I went out on a limb and wrote an email to them about my adventure going through Europe and how Portugal. The Man is always my go to travel music. I got a call the next morning from Atlantic Records congratulating me on winning two tickets to see them! I was jumping up and down in my flat. I tried to buy tickets to this show when I was back in America but they sold out, so I was incredibly stoked. 

After meeting the guy with the tickets, he ended up giving me 4 - I invited my flatmate and his girlfriend to accompany me to the show. IT. WAS. SO. GREATTTTT!!!!! And seeing them live..Man, it was insane. During their set I had to catch myself, like, am I really in London right now watching an amazing band? I closed my eyes dancing to one of my favorite songs and took it all in. I am experience so much all at once. I never thought I would ever get to this point. I never thought I would get on that plane. I never thought I would never travel through Europe, and I never had anyone telling me I could do it. Yet there I was, in a crowded room, in a different country, doing everything I never thought I could do. Tonight, I found a part of myself. Not a chunk, but a piece. But a big enough piece for me to feel like i’m on the right path of discovering who I am. Thanks Portugal. The Man, for giving me a perfect soundtrack for such a moment. 

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  2. intervital said: wowww you won tickets to one of your favorite bands live in a place you never thought you’d be!?! girl you are living the good life. that’s great! go you! i’m an excited form of jelly of you hehe
  3. bambigirl19 said: portugal. the man is such a cool band!! sounds like an amazing experience :D
  4. everythingisalrighthere said: they are so great live
  5. annaisoverthemoon said: This sounds so soo amazing. I hope you’re having a blast!
  6. lemonadeandjoy said: Ahh you saw Portugal. The man live??! asdfghjkl;’

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