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Today, i dressed like a Gryffindor or rather yet, a librarian. I just enjoy the fact that my entire outfit totaled $11.00 plus tax and all came from goodwill.

Skirt: $3.00
Shirt: $2.00
Sweater: $5.00
Belt & Necklace: $1.00

I love shopping at goodwill or thrift stores, not because its the most trendy thing to do right now, but a lot of curvy women dump a lot of their clothes there after they either lost weight or gave up trying to fit into something. I collect a bunch of their thrown out clothes that remind them of the time that they were heavy set, and create something flattering and pretty to me. Somebody who is comfortable with their weight and size. They see fat pants, I see a perfect set of slacks. Its funny how things like that work out..

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  1. academicmermaid said: I like the outfit a lot, but I appreciate your perspective even more!
  2. ragmop said: You are just way too fuckin’ rad.
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    Reblogged for that bottom paragraph there.
  4. totallynotkelsey said: Very, very jealous of this outfit. Looks awesome!

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