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My year in pictures: 2011

I moved to rural Maryland to an apple farm with my mom. I started at the comic book store in Washington, DC and started commuting into work. Which was basically a two hour train ride that started at 5am every morning. It snowed. A lot. We got over 6ft of snow on top of the mountain and it seemed like there was endless amounts of snow that didn’t leave for weeks. I kept taking pictures of my dogs; Rufio, Bo Bear, and the pups. January was just filled with winter, sitting at my desk, animals, and living the country life.

I was snowed in a lot. There was nothing else to take pictures of but.. myself.

I said goodbye to country living and moved to a lovely townhouse with two dashing young gentleman in Washington, DC. I think this was about the time I started my job as a crime scene photographer for the local police, but I was working all night shift and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I ended up getting promoted at the comic book store and worked full time there ever since. I also started to begin saving for my backpacking trip through Europe and finished the top half of my sleeve tattoo that is one continuous process.. I like to call March, “Books, Tattoos, and Dogs.”

I lost all inspiration for photography 

The only thing that seemed interesting to me at the moment were my dogs. The next couple of months, you’ll see what I mean. 

I started sneaking pictures in the DC Metro’s.  

I started my video game testing job for extra money and competing in Black Ops, Halo, and Counter Strike tourny’s to help fund my Europe adventure. This month mainly consisted of comics, video games, and endless laundry.

Lucy was born and I realized I started becoming a dog blog.  

See what I mean. 

I actually took no pictures. This was where I was at the point with myself where I knew I was going to Europe the following month and I just wanted to fucking leave.

I went to Italy for 2 days, then started my month(s) long adventure in London. A Trip I saved up for an entire year, and depending on people from tumblr to house me. I was a nervous wreck, but this experience has definitely launched my photography career and inspiration through the roof As the kids would say, “I got my swagger back.” I apologise for using that previous sentence. It’s just horrible.

And now with the last leg of my Europe trip coming to a close, I’ll be spending the last of 2011 in London, England enjoying every adventure I’ve had here.

It’s been a pretty great  year, and to all my followers who’ve stuck by me through my most random blogging phase, thank you. You’ve all been apart of my growth and the constant audience to me finding myself. I appreciate you all.

For 2010 in pictures, click here.  

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