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Life Lesson #3: Little Girls and Comic Books

I got on the tube this evening and heading home I was sitting across from a little girl and her father. You could tell her parents let her dress herself, she was just a mess. But at the age, an adorable mess. She was mixing patterns, colors, sizes, and she even had on two different shoes. If anything, she was my hero. She was kicking around her feet, eating pretzels and pestering her father with what seemed to be a 100 million questions. As most daughters do. I was giggling to myself, admiring the little girl’s spunk. She actually reminded me of Pepper Ann. 

I had a while until I was getting off the train so I opened my bag and took out my Superman comic. As soon as the girl spotted what was in my hands she threw her hands up and pointed directly at me to her father and yelled out in dispair, “DAD!!!!! I TOLD YOU GIRLS READ COMICS!!!!!!! SHE’S READING A COMIC BOOK!!

He just put his head in his hand and started shaking it. Clearly, she was embarrassing him. I laughed and said, “it’s okay, I was exactly like that at her age. I can promise you it gets better, but only if you give her comics.” He laughed and thanked me for taking his daughters enthusiasm with fun. My stop was before theres, I gathered my jacket and told her, “girls do read comics, keep the tradition alive” while handing my Superman comic to her. She squealed and her father thanked me, along with three other people riding on the same train. But I think they were thanking me because this energetic little girl had something to do other than asking people why we’re not living on another planet yet and why cats can’t have wings. 

Here’s hoping there are more little girls just like her in this world, and if you come across one, do me a favor, give her a comic book. Because, girls do read comics. 

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