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I had this super adventure planned in my head.

I was mapping out ways to get there on the tube, googled little shops to mozy around in, went through these underground zine’s I picked up at the comic shop that exclaimed if I didn’t go to (insert random cafe on the east end) or (insert super indie music shop on brick lane here) then I was pretty much a loser in this game called life and I need to cut the shit and go there. I’m sitting here on my phone plugging in all these addresses like, “fuck yeah kyoko we’re going to be amazeballs today!” 

I ninja rolled off my bed, put on some clothes that decently matched during the sunlight but totally didn’t matter once the evening came, grabbed the flat keys, chucked my bag over my shoulder and tossed the RENT soundtrack on my iPod. Don’t judge motherfuckers, RENT is the shit. Got down to the tube station, went to go buy a day travel card, but before I purchased I wanted to double check my banking account. Brought that shit up, $0 dollars. My paycheck was SUPPOSED to be dropped in my account, but apparently everyone wants to be lazy tarts in their Christmas jumpers. 

So now my super adventure is sitting in the middle of my bed, eating cheeseballs, blogging my present woes, and sending my dad youtube links that I have found to be hilarious.

I don’t even know what my life is anymore. I don’t even go here. 

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  1. scaremoonturkey said: You bring ME joy in your awesome stories and pictures, ma’am. And I know for a fact that there are so many people uplifted by these as well :D <3
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  3. visytact said: Ugh, that sucks. I’m sorry.
  4. princessmeowth said: I just bought the RENT soundtrack b/c of this post. <3 it
  5. charlieandmary reblogged this from brain-food and added:
    Dont you just hate when shit like that happen?
  6. mamatosnuggles said: Awww. I’ve had that happen. I get in my car and go “Yeah! I’m gonna get shit done today!” Nope. No monies.
  7. nikkidoughnuts said: We should get paid just for being awesome…. :/

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