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People are always surprised when they see this tattoo on my back shoulder. It’s actually the first tattoo I’ve ever gotten. I have four related basketball tattoos on me. That’s the only reason why I went over to the states, to play college basketball. I lived and breathed that sport my entire youth. I mean, that sport paid for my Art History degree. 

So when somebody sees my back shoulder and asks about it, I nostalgically tell them about my past life. The jordan shoes that I wore in every single game all throughout high school, and the number I bore on my chest since my dad first signed me up to play at 6 years old. Because we both really loved Reggie Miller. It may be a tattoo that’s out of character for me now, but it’s a little patch reminding me how I got to where I am today. Thats all my tattoos ever are, patches on a skin that I wear like a quilt. 

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  3. theskywaspink said: Somewhere, buried in my shed in several boxes. Are all the cards I collected during primary school. I have hundreds of cards of Hakeen Olajuwon. Still makes the hairs stand up on my neck to see him play.
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    This might be one of the coolest things you’ve revealed about yourself.
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