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Today has been a Jacques Tardi day. If you ever want a great story with some really great art work, pick up a Tardi book.  Go with “West Coast Blues” or “It Was the War of the Trenches,” if you’re a first time reader. “The Arctic Marauder” has phenomenal art work, even more so if you’re into steampunk, but it really has a terrible story. Okay, not terrible but not great. I would hate for a first time Jacques Tardi reader to start off with the arctic. It’s one of those graphic novels comic historians get or people who really just dig comics for the illustrations. I am however very happy they reissued it from the 1972 version. It’s one of those books that i keep in my collection just to have. But the first two that I stated to start off with are excellent books that you should read. 

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  2. thegentlemanprocrastinator said: thanks for the tip, as I’m a massive WW1 “geek” I just ordered “It Was the War of the Trenches”, can’t wait! x Phil
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