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I haven’t posted any updates about The Puppies, in what feels like forever. If you’ve followed me in the past two years, you already know the story about them and I wanted you to get an update video of how much they’ve grown. They’re over a year old now and have grown up with quite the personality. Mowgli is the biggest and definitely took on the yorkie side, Teddy is the skinniest with the longest corse hair, and Lux looks exactly like Rufio in the face. They’ve been living with my mom on the apple farm enjoying every aspect of space. I miss them all the time and when I visit them during the week I always get tackled down to the floor. Especially since Lily and Jackson McGrady (the two golden retrievers in the video) jump on me as soon as I walk in the door. (Also to note, you can tell who the favorite is at the end, Rufio is the only fucker in a sweater). 

Now for my newer followers, you’re probably wondering who these dogs are since you only see Rufio. I had a teacup Yorkie named Mattie that I rescued, who Rufio ended up knocking up days before his vet appointment to get neutered. She didn’t survive after giving birth to 3 puppies. Her uterus burst and I had to put her down. It was the most horrible day in the world, I had three newborn puppies and the vet wanted me to give them up. I felt obligated to take care of them since Mattie didn’t survive, these were her babies, I just couldn’t. So there I was, no idea how to take care of new born puppies, looking up every single thing possible on raising them on my own and completely freaking out. Every two hours I bottle fed them, taught them, kept them warm, and raised them all while documenting the process on tumblr. I’d like to think I did a good job, they think they’re humans and have the most quirky personalities. 

So they are doing really great you guys. I feel like its my little personal achievement, raising dogs from 1 day old to the grown big pups they are now. And if you want to really see the whole blast from the past moment I provided the 3 videos I uploaded on tumblr when they were weeks and months old. You should look at them in order before you play this one. Its a trip. 

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