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South Korea, the 1960s. A young girl named Yun Hee sees her family killed by a mysterious force…except for one member who seemingly survives. Seven years later, she has grown into a beautiful but distant young woman, who carries with her an old photo and a sword. A force of evil is closer than she realizes, and their paths are on a collision course in The Fox Sister.

Just got finished reading through The Fox Sister which I definitely suggest you do as well. Really excellent web comic, the drawing, the story and especially the coloring. I can’t wait to read the rest of the chapters (right now its on Chapter 2 page 14). If you got about 15-20 minutes on hand, give Christina Strain’s web comic a read. Highly recommend it. 

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    Check it out. It’s good.
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    The art is from the artist that illustrates Sfeer Theory, which is another fantastic webcomic. :>

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