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Rufio & I received our first two Christmas cards from Amy Jo & Sprocket, and Jessica(with her hubbers) & Wicket! Of course Amy’s picture came with a card and sprockets paw print. Both are super cute and now have a proper place on my refrigerator. My dad doesn’t believe I know these people and that they came with a Halmark frame. You guys will be on my refrigerator forever. Seriously. One of my finger paintings is still on there. 

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    This is THE cutest picture I have ever seen! I’m so happy Kyoko and Rufio liked our card!
  2. saranghae921 said: LOL why does Rufio look so upset??? Aww, he wants to be on the fridge. I’d put him on my fridge!
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    cutest thing,!
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    Awe, look how proud Rufio is. :)
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