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My 2010 year in photos.


After graduating from The Art Institute of Atlanta in December 2009 and moving in with my mom while I got my future settled, I drove back down to the dirty south to pick up Rufio from his fathers, he was going to be staying with me forever instead of him. Pretty much January was a custody battle for Rufio. After being a city dog for most of his 1 year of life, I brought him to the farm and he really didn’t know what to do with all the space. He was used to small apartments and designated pee times. Now he had fields to play in and a dog door. January was discovery.


The record blizzard of DC slammed us with 6 feet of snow for three weeks. It was also the same month of my birthday. I ended up cutting my hair off, getting my septum pierced, finally getting my camera tattoo, harry potter tattoo and Bo came to live with us. That whole month was nothing but snow and body modifications. Also re decorating the basement I was living in while cursing the high heavens that rained a shit storm on the Tri State area. I also was also dubbed the God Mother of my God son, Graysen, and we went to Harpers Ferry a whole lot. 


Was the beginning I started taking photographs of my food and posting them. I was also in the transition of discovering which route I wanted to go with photography, and what style I wanted to project. I was also still learning lots of different things at the time. I can also say how I’ve taken pictures has changed every month when i learned something new. This was also the same month I made the radar for my dog prints photograph, Rufio road my skateboard and I went into DC a lot. This was everyones favorite picture from that.  Also to be noted, I have been single this entire time and I got the keys to my apartment in San Francisco. To which still to this day, has yet to be fully moved into.

I discovered how to take a broken lens, throw some dust on it, and convert it to take pictures like a film camera. I got uninterested in the photos after awhile, but I ended up loving taking pictures of flowers with it. Jamie and I won a photojojo contest where we got a free camera, which we both don’t use at all. I shared my shape with everyone. I started taking a lot of sunset pictures, ate a lot of sandwiches and Bo wore glasses for awhile. I landed my job at the comic store in DC, which a lot of my time was spent commuting into the city, discovering new ways to take pictures of my dogs and being a cat


 I was doing a lot of dating and skateboarding around DC. I came home to perfect weather and laying around outside. I met Jason, and then soon after I ended up slicing my foot open after stepping on a vase. I got 8 stitches, then 16 more stitches a week later. From here on out I was bed ridden for a good 2-3 months. Most of my pictures were taken from inside since I couldn’t move, and crutches were my friend. I also missed being able to wear shoes. So then I ended up making myself into an avatar, then cutting my hair completely off because it was hard washing it in the sink. I’m assuming when you get injured, you don’t think rationally. Eventually I came back to work, made some home made bread, and had some pretty yummy dinners. 


I played with my film cameras a lot. Especially playing with Polaroids. I built a lot of forts, and in my opinion they were incredibly awesome. Made some weird faces, colored my hair. Went to Starbucks a lot. Ate some pretzels, and my blog turned into FIFA world cup 2010. I was strictly rooting for Mexico & Japan. They both were an emotional break down for me whenever they won or lost a match. My flowers I planted were turning out beautifully. Ice cream was currently my best friend. Rufio wasn’t doing shit. I ghetto rigged my tripod to take pictures in the storm, hung out with a lot of my dogs during a heat wave, and finally got my pair of chucks on my feet after having surgery on my foot. Nothing really interesting or big happened other than getting shoes on my feet. My whole blog turned into Futbol obsessed and I took a lot of pictures of myself watching the match. Real interesting right? I know. 


I created my cereal series and started selling the pictures. I didn’t know people would love looking at pictures of a bowl of cereal, especially since we all stare at it every single day. Most of us, 5 times a day. It was very humbling to me. I started sending out pen pal care packages to a lot of people, which snowballed into me having a lot of pen pals and writing to a lot of people that I met from here, strangers and friends. I was very dedicated to everyone. There were a lot of fireworks. My dad was also very kind to me by cooking me dinner when I went to go visit him. Or buying me dinner. This only lasted a month. Somebody gave away a free couch, which I took. Snapped pictures of myself. Shaved off the side of my head. Sold a lot of pictures on etsy. Bo wore shoes, and I got a monkey balloon hat. It was a fun month, although I do dub this month, “The 31 days no great photographers that I knew got picked for the photojojo contest.” We tried though. Everyone did their best, and we all bonded over how not one of us won that stupid fucking contest at all. 


 Went on a lot of road trips around the country with Tink, Maddie and Rufio. I loved the weather at this point. It wasn’t too hot and the breeze was cool. You could tell the Fall was not that far off. Everything felt beautiful. My life was heading into a great direction and I was enjoying the time with everyone who was involved. I started receiving a lot of pen pal mail, I colored my entire hair blue, which I then calmed it down a few days later. I was take a lot of pictures of my legs and feet for some reason. Jason and I weren’t “exclusive” while dating at that time, so I had way too many dates in Chinatown which involved a lot of movie dates with a girl named Cammy, and being taken out a lot for sushi. This was also the beginning of me rescuing a lot of old and forgotten cameras at GoodWill. I’m now up to 48 cameras. I was hiking a lot of mountains for exercise, which I still do. And Rufio was continuing his laziness streak. Which is still going on. 

THE MONTH MY CAMERA DIED AND I GOT A NEW ONE. I also started taking a lot of pictures of Rufio and Bo in costume. Mainly I was just testing out my new camera. I went from a Rebel Xti to a T2i. 10Megapixels, to 18. I didn’t know what o do with myself, so I kept taking pictures of my dogs. And trolling. Fall was definitely rolling in. The skies were beautiful and the smell of wood stoves was potent in the air. I live in the mountains, so this smell is common. I was very colorful. Made a lot of great purchases, vegetable soup, and wore witch stockings. As you can tell so far if you have continued reading this incredibly long blog, my style of photography continues to change, along with my hair. This really should be called “The year of my hair” in actuality. I wore a lot of plaid also. 

The month  Maddie gave birth to three puppies and lost her in the process. It was a very upsetting time for me. I didn’t have time to mourn because I had to hand feed 5 day old puppies by myself, with no help. I was exhausted. I only had 2 hours of sleep for weeks and I wasn’t myself. I think this is the month I cried the most out of pure defeat,  but watching these three grow up, it was worth it. I kept cutting my hair off, and taking pictures of my kitchen. The pups were growing fast. Teddy showed more promise like his father in being photogenic. I went shopping a lot in thrift stores. Went hiking with Rufio. We needed to get the fuck out of the house. Halloween, was fucking amazing

Thanksgiving was here! The leaves were falling, the trees were getting awfully bare. Hot cups of tea and chocolate fought off the cold weather that was coming in. It was all I was taking pictures of mostly. Green Tea every single morning and wine at night. Jamie showed me a link to make button cookies, which i ended up making for myself. Lots of group photos of the dogs were attempted. And there were a lot of play times. Lunch consisted of the basic food groups. After thanksgiving we went and got our Christmas tree. Harry Potter came out and I had to update my tattoo picture. And Bo and I went for walks around our mountain town


and this month? Well, I went to Texas to visit my family. We drove 22 hours straight. I kept saving cameras. And I had a great snowy Christmas with my dogs. Short and simple, that has been this month. My 2010, and I would do it all over again if i had the chance. Also, i’m still single. 

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