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Last night out of pure curiosity I started watching the HBO movie “Temple Grandin” starring Claire Danes who is revelatory as Temple Grandin animal behaviorist, best-selling author, autistic and expert in autism. Now let me touch subjects on both.

 Claire Danes performance. I was stunned. Now don’t get me wrong, she is a great actress in my opinion, but it seems all of her projects after ‘My-So-Called-Life’ haven’t really made her stand out. They’ve always been, “good” roles for her. But this performance as Temple completely changed my views of her as an actress and I hope it opens a lot more opportunities for more in depth roles. The entire time I was marveled by her performance. 

Prior to this movie I have never heard of Temple Grandin.  This is a fascinating movie and I learned so much about this woman and about autism.  Temple didn’t speak until she was four and if not for her mother she would have probably ended up spending her life in an institution. And in that time doctors blamed the mothers for autism because they weren’t “hugged” and “loved” enough as an infant. So telling somebody your child had autism in that decade was actually telling them you didn’t love your child and you screwed up as a mother. 

I was amazed in many ways by the film in itself, the scenes about how Grandin related to animals, especially cows.  I couldn’t believe it when I learned that she has designed over 50% cattle slaughterhouses in the country and they are all designed to promote humane treatment of the animals. She couldn’t prevent the death of animals so she implemented way for stockyards to respect them. “Nature is cruel, we don’t have to be.”

There is so much to this film, i’m sure you can find it online to watch, but if you have HBO you should look it up and record it and its on Netflix to rent.  Either way you really need to see Claire Danes performance and see how much of an amazing woman Temple Grandin is. Absolutely brilliant. 

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    Loved this movie. Now if only I could get my husband (a cattle farmer’s son…) to watch it with me…
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  5. mdt said: Temple has a wonderful TED lecture that you should check out -a remarkable person!
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    I watched this movie a while back when I found it on Netflix, I knew a little about Temple and her work, but not enough...
  7. maudeloves said: My sister is autistic and did not begin to speak until she was seven; she went to speech therapy and wouldn’t go unless baby me went too. It’s really hard for me to watch movies like this, especially if the acting is good. I never know how to feel.
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    I want to be Karla when I grow up
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    As a Mom of kids with autism, I can’t think of a film I can recommend more. Everything I learned when my kids were first...
  10. iggysneakers said: If you liked the movie you should definitely read the book by Grandin; Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior.
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    i watched this last year after she won a bunch of awards for her performance. i’m reblogging because people need to...
  12. pinotandthefigs said: An amazing AMAZING story!
  13. annaverity said: I love when you review your recently watched movies, etc. :) This is getting added to my Watch Instantly queue. xox

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