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Serenity Rose

“Sera” to her friends, is a witch, one of only 57 in the entire world. This makes her famous. She’d rather not be famous. She’d rather not be doing a lot of things, such as supernatural creatures, or the mysterious “Bus Incident” for which she’s infamous, or life in Crestfallen, “The Spookiest Li’l Town in America.” But though she tries not to use her powers, she will if you come after her – and you’ll be sorry.

I’ve been a fan of Aaron Alexovich for a long time now, I have the first two volumes of Serenity Rose and I had no clue he has all of them, plus the third volume (thats also on going) up as a webcomic! His drawing style has changed a lot during each volume, and I have always admired the world he’s created for Sera, along with the monsters and creatures that run ramped through this comic. If you’re interested in reading it from the beginning, click here, that’s the first page, you can read it all the way up to its current page. He updates every Tuesday, you should definitely give it a look through.

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    Starting right meow.
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  14. safetymeeting said: I have loved serenity rose for hella years now. aaron is a way cool guy, and super nice. he draws everything so tiny. huge inspiration.
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    Aaron is an amazing artist, and animator. Love his stories, do yourself a favor and catch up on Serenity!
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