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A Cat in Paris is on Netflix! 

Meet Dino, a common house cat who lives a double life. He’s the loyal pet of Zoe, a lonely little girl who lives with her busy single mother Jeanne, a police detective. But after sundown when Zoe goes to sleep, Dino sneaks off to accompany debonair cat burglar Nico, and their nightly prowls take them on breathtaking escapades across the rooftops of Paris. Eventually, Zoe discovers what Dino is up to and she too becomes drawn into a thrilling adventure involving jewels, and gangsters, all leading to a nail-biting and acrobatic finale atop the gothic Notre Dame.

I absolutely loved this animated film when I saw it last year at a film festival. Really glad i get to see it again. Beautifully drawn and the landscapes are amazing. Definitely give this a watch during the weekend when you’re free.

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