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Pack your bag.

We’re going some place new where we won’t know the language or what we’ll do there. We’ll figure that out later. Don’t bother bringing more than a backpack full. We’ll probably need to get there quick and leave even quicker. Let’s go. Let’s just walk from our day-to-day lives and finally do what we’ve always talked about. Spinning that globe around as fast as we can and just going to the destination our finger stops at. I have maps. I have plenty of maps. We might get lost, but isn’t that point of all this? To be lost? To throw caution out that damn window and just running away into the wild.

Hurry up and pack. I’m waiting for you at the meet up point we talked about. The place we discussed over a cup of tea in the middle of an epiphany. I told you one day i might want to runaway, to escape a coordinated life. You told me if i ever decided to do this you’d runaway with me. No second thought. No second question. No more excuses. You’d run. My friend, we’re running. We’re running so far into the unknown that i’ve shoved every map possible into my bag. When we get there i’ll find any job that i can to help support our Neverland dream. I’ll sweep the streets in Hong Kong and i’ll wait the tables in Ireland. If it can get us money to cross another sea or land in another time zone i’m doing it. I hope you’ll be right there with me.

I’m looking at my watch, it’s almost time for us to go. Say goodbye to all the people you need to. Toss your phone and tell your parents you’ll be sending postcards. They probably won’t understand. They’re probably talking you out of this right about now. Together we’ll be called crazy, insane, lazy, irresponsible, and every other word people use to describe adventurers. I know you’re scared. We’ve been taught all of our lives that if we get a good job, we’ll get a good family, and we’ll live a happy fulfilled life. Maybe thats just not the right answer. Maybe.. this.. what we’re about to do in the next 5 minutes will be that source of a happy fulfilled life. The unorthodox. 

Are you ready yet? Just in case, bring a jacket. We might be going somewhere with a harsh winter. I can’t wait to see the sun set and rise in another part of the world. Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps? It won’t be all magic and fairy dust i’m sure. We’re going to come across a few bumps in the road. We could end up in a place we don’t like, not have enough money, or.. lose everything you’re packing right now. Shit will happen. Life.. will happen. I can’t promise you that you’ll be always having a great time and i can’t promise you that this will be the life you want as well. But let’s give it a shot. Be selfish with your time and explore with me. Explore the “what if’s” and “what could be’s” by hopping on to this form of transportation with me!

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a journal. Because you know what, you’re going to want to write all of this down. What we’re going to see, is going to be worth retelling. That, i can promise. 

Times up. 

I’m on my way. 

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