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Okay, rookie mistake, you got me. In prep for the FIRST wake of the snow storm I was informed by my mother to park on the side streets instead of parking in the driveway of our farm. Reasons being, just in case of an emergency I could 4WD right to the main room instead of going down our very long driveway and shovel the whole thing out.

I should have taken notice of the lack of cars that were parked on this side of the street, but being as though I was grumpy and cold - I parked it anyways. The first snow storm I was good, all I had to do was put my jeep in 4WD and I popped out like a new born baby. I ran over more snow in front of me to pack it down so I can easily get out (this was before I knew there was a 2nd blizzard coming.)

Still with no taking notice to lack of cars, I left my jeep on the side street. Oh how naive I was, for I did not know the next morning the realization to why people don’t park there on snow days was among me. The snow plow PUSHES all of the snow from the streets on THAT side. My jeep was buried, under pounds of excess snow, and sheets of ice. I spent a good 5-6 hours alone shoveling my way to what you see before you.

The white that is left under the jeep is pure ice, I almost cracked my wrists trying to break it apart, nevertheless Maryland taught me a very important lesson today. One I shall not be repeating in the future.

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