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I never wanted somebody perfect.

I never wrote myself a list, romanced the idea of what they should be, or held on to expectations for an unattainable person. Not because i wasn’t confident in myself or my capabilities of finding love, but mainly because i’m not a perfect person myself.

How could I honestly sit here and write a romantic comedy for myself knowing fully well I had nothing to bring to the table. I can’t be that selfish and expect this person to walk into my life being everything I ever imagined and then turn around and get pissed when i start seeing a few flaws here and there. Are you kidding me? I forget to call people back, and i’m usually late to everything. Not to mention, I still drink out of cartons. Yes, this is petty shit, but i have many emotional flaws as well and it’s completely okay for my “perfect person” to have them too. Why? Because i’m not perfect.

You can tie my words in a pretty little bow and say that someone will take you flaws and all and every mismatching piece will form into somebody perfect. Sure. Why not. If you want to turn this into a Hallmark moment, have at it. Although thats not the point i’m getting at. I’m not telling you to be realistic or trying to smack the rose colored glasses off your face during your hopeless romantic daydream. What i’m asking is, how can you expect the other person in the relationship to be perfect when you’re not even capable of being perfect for them? 

I know what i can bring to the table and it’s nowhere even close to the realm of perfect. If they are capable of bringing more than me, i’ll try my very best to return the favor out of love and respect for them. However, I walk into the relationship level headed and open to the possibility that this person might not be perfect but that doesn’t mean that they might be wrong for me. I hope my future significant other will pay me the same courtesy when they realize i’m not perfect either. Because it’s kind of hard competing with what they imagined you being rather than who you really are. 

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