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Its kind of crazy how i’m ending 2012, physically. I didn’t expect my hair to get as long as it has and i definitely didn’t expect to go red. I lost a bit of weight, mainly from working as many jobs as I have. Running around on a skateboard to the metro to running late from another is the best work out plan i’ll ever have. But who knows how 2013 will go. I want to get an undercut and dye my hair fully blonde next, maybe i’ll go purple. Eh, its always fun looking back on my pictures and noticing the drastic changes month by months and year by years. I’ll probably go back to a mohawk. 

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  2. josylanep said: You look beautiful regardless of the hair style/colour. Best wishes in the new year!
  3. abbeline said: oh man you look great! i love the red.
  4. academicmermaid said: Hair looks fabulous! YOU look fabulous. Happiest of New Years (come visit chicago!)!!!! Exclamation points because it’s 1:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep!!!
  5. toddsparrows said: Please don’t ever stop doing all the things you do. I enjoy every one of your updates. Rufio is badass and you are the tops. Love, just one of your friendly followers.
  6. discordiascout said: eres hermosa! aunque no necesites que te lo diga….lo eres!!!
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