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I only had one mission while on my birthday weekend trip to nyc and that was to eat. I was very successful. I had a lot of fun and met up with a lot of tumblr(s) and instagram(ers)! Everyone took me in with open arms and were more than stoked to join me in my foodie/drinking ventures.

I can see how people can fall in love with a city like this. I was in the middle of everything with access to go anywhere. Different food options on every corner and all i had to do was instagram a picture with my location and somebody i knew would pop up and meet me around the corner to join me for breakfast. Everyone is connected here. In a giant city, it really still is a small tight knit social media community. California definitely still has my heart, but i could see myself cheating on her for a couple years to give this whole nyc thing a go possibly. I’ve already started considering jobs. 

I enjoyed every single person i crossed paths with this entire weekend and thank them immensely for sparing time out of their schedules & relationships to show me the ropes. I definitely got spoiled.  It truly was my best birthday celebration yet. And i think maybe next year, who knows, we might make this a permanent thing. 

I also apologize to all the people who follow me on instagram (@itsbatgirl) they were subjected to so much food porn. 

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