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Adventure is out there! This was a very difficult mixtape to put together, because I couldn’t find the right song for some of the scenes. But, I’m very happy with the end result. I’ve listened to this one so many times. I was so stoked to find “Cumulus” in my iTunes, it’s just what I needed for the mixtape. When I listen to “Need You Now,” I can just picture dogs flying in airplanes and shooting darts at Russell. I think this mixtape would go great with a cup of tea and a day out on the grass looking up at the clouds. I really hope you enjoy it. Caw-Caw! Rawr!

Track List—
[01] Carl Meets Ellie: Akira Kosemura / Tale
[02] Cross Your Heart: World Leader Pretend / Lovey Dovey
[03] Married Life: Fred Astaire / Cheek To Cheek
[04] Carl’s Last Moments With Ellie: Sarah McLachlan / Angel
[05] Construction: Beach House / House On The Hill
[06] Good Afternoon, My Name Is Russell: Fleet Foxes / Montezuma
[07] Court Summons: Death Cab For Cutie / Title And Registration
[08] Carl Goes Up: The Postal Service / Such Great Heights
[09] See? Cumulonimbus: Imogen Heap / Cumulus
[10] Where Are We?:  Universal Studios Florida / Clovers, Carpet Samples
[11] Kevin:
Blackbird Blackbird / I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun
[12] My Name Is Dug: DeVotchKa / Exhaustible
[13] The Spirit of Adventure: Should / Glasshouse
[14] Oh, You’re Not Leaving?: Son Lux / Flickers
[15] Muntz Takes Kevin: Snow Patrol / Run
[16] Ellie’s Adventure Book: S. Carey / In The Stream
[17] Rescuing Russell and Kevin: Cut Copy / Need You Now
[18] Charles Muntz’s Fury: Portishead / Machine Gun
[19] A House On Paradise Falls: Bon Iver / Wash.
[20] Stuff We Did: Michael Giacchino / Married Life

Feel free to email me letting me know what you think! Thanks for listening!
My next mixtape, Magical Characters Sing Magical Songs, will be released on June 17, so keep your eyes peeled.

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