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  • 8 stitches later
  • 1 ER trip 
  • 6 shots of Novocaine
  • 1 flap of skin to be stitched back on
  • 3 Carpets ruined from my blood
  • 4 Rooms & a deck that has my blood trailing
  • 2 Patient tables used because I was too tall for the regular one
  • 3 Nurses cringing as they held my skin and cleaned up the wound
  • 1 Crazy doctor talking to me about his Labrador that can turn on water
  • 301 dollars it cost me.

This all because I stepped on the corner of a very thick vase while I was rearranging my room around. You would think the vase broke, but… 

It sure didn’t. I have to go back in 3 days to get a check up and get more stitches put in, i’ll be on crutches for 5 weeks and lots of pain medicine.

As if the spider bite wasn’t enough for me.  

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  1. vanuvasayando said: Aw. =l Feel better KC! >.<
  2. socialpirate said: Damn that sounds bad. Stupid vase. (Hope the foot gets better soon)
  3. limchoylee said: omg fucking god kc! I went to work and you get injuried!
  4. sassyfontaine said: what a crazy few days you’ve had. chin up!
  5. tiiigerstyle said: HOLY SHIT.
  6. armadaboywonder said: oh noooo!!!!
  7. jopara said: =’(
  8. blissed said: Ouch honey! xoxo
  9. rulesofmaybe said: holy crap….thats insane
  10. city-love said: Poor baby! I hope it heals soon!
  11. mobettahues said: omg, we’re like the same person now. we can share crutches stories, and trade medications. i’m here fo’ you, gurl. CRIPPLES UNITE.
  12. h0wling-at-the-mo0n said: omg, that sounded super painful just reading it. whenever i read things like these, i massage my feet to make sure they’re still attached.. or touch my boobs when I watch plastic surgery documentaries on TV.. i’m weird.
  13. fraktheground said: :(
  14. brain-food posted this

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