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Adventures of Kyoko

Let me tell you how I went from bear hugging my pillow in fetal position, cozy, inside a nook of sleeping awesomeness to getting a frantic phone call at 2:45am from one of your close guy friends whispering on the other line from his bathroom, giving me instructions to leave the womb of my bed, put my clothes back on, drive over to his apartment, and pretend to be his girlfriend who will so happen to walk in on him having sex, in order to get the girl he brought home from the bar who is a level 10 clinger out of his house. 

All the while before I even have the chance to say no, with the tone of satan and if possible a yelling through a whisper said to me, “Motherfucker I took you out for tacos last night. YOU OWE! YOU FUCKING OWE ME! DO YOU HEAR ME!? TACOS!

So here I am, 3 in the morning, sitting at the parking lot of his apartment about to catch my fake boyfriend having sex with somebody else.

All because he bought me some goddamn tacos. 

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