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I have 31 pictures for sale on my etsy, guys! As cheap as 5 dollars for a 4 x 6, you can’t beat that. All my pictures are available in all sizes, so if you want an 8 x 10 I can put a listing up for you to purchase. Everything is in within reasonable pricing, and I took in consideration that we’re all basically poor. 

If you have any requests for a picture of mine on my flickr that you’d like to see for sale as well, just let me know and I can put that up there for you also. Go look and if you have the money, buy something :) I will love you forever and ever. 

..and ever ever. 

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    there’s some really great stuff for sale guys, check it out :)
  3. sophiamaria said: "and I took in consideration that we’re all basically poor." I think I speak for pretty much everyone: we all appreciate that!
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    Go check out this girl’s photography! I’m buying at least one… specifically the one with the police motorcycles. [=
  8. korrigan said: When I get my student loan money, I’ll def by a print. <3
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