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I go to Good Will’s just so I can rescue these camers for a buck. Its usually a hit or miss if they work, but as a photographer, I can’t let them sit on a shelf looking miserable. I adopt them, nurse them back to life and love them. I Angelina Jolie cameras, you guys.

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    Last sentence… YES
  2. loveinalgebra said: They never have cameras in the GoodWill stores that I go into. I did find some at a swap shop here in Florida.You start a “camera adoption service”! People could send you money and adopt the cameras after you nurse them and name them and stuff.
  3. neonsugar said: haha awesome, i got a slim fast polaroid camera for 50 cents at a yard sale today!
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    This is basically what I want my hobby to be. I just need to save money and start driving so I can go thrifting more...
  5. aroland said: you are awake now too? I think instead of nocturnal you meant you just don’t ever sleep.

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