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Finished all but one of my panels tonight, I’ll hit that one next month. But I am so happy I could fucking cry right now! Batgirl: year one is my absolute favorite batgirl comic, so getting it on my arm seemed fitting.

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Hipster Batman + Hipster X-Men by Phillip Sevy

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 Worth1000 has run an on-going series of photo manipulation contests—titled “Superhero ModRen”—that challenges members of its community to paint comic book superheroes into classic Renaissance artworks.

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designed by the team at Cinema Makeup School

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red carpet by *duss005

I love me some redheads. 

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BATGIRL #25 and tie-in to ZERO YEAR by Alex Garner written by Marguerite Bennett

Bennett: Our story takes place a short while into the Zero Year, as Gotham hunkers down and shivers against the coming of an enormous and catastrophic superstorm. Rolling power outages have left the city in darkness as the rain begins to pour and the rivers rise.

Barbara is young, near about 15, yet she already bears up the responsibilities of her home and family — standing vigil for her father, guarding her unwell younger brother, defending their homestead, gathering supplies as Gotham seethes on the edge of riot and supplies grow scarce.

So much is already asked of her, but she shirks none of it; she loves her family, and so long as she acts for them, there is no danger she won’t risk. Her youth makes her reckless; she is caught between the last days of childhood and all that she must do and be to defend her family’s homestead.

Jim Gordon and James Jr. do appear, but truly, I wanted Barbara alone, thrust into a world at crisis, and too young, perhaps, to handle it. That age is such a peculiar one. You’re old enough to read Orwell but you’re young enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons. You’re allowed to operate a 2,000lb+ motorized vehicle, but you’d eat Fruit Loops for dinner every night if someone let you. You’ve got enough drive and energy and optimism to change the world — if only you could get out of bed before noon on a Sunday. I wanted the conflict of a girl forced to rise up to tasks beyond her ability, to find — well, you’ll see what she finds.

I suppose I’d like to tell you this: I know I’m young and I know I’m new, but so is Barbara in Zero Year. Forgive me for not being Gail Simone or Chuck Dixon or Kelley Puckett or Scott Beatty or Bryan Miller. Forgive me for not being Alan Moore, even. But I could only be a pale and trembling imitation of them, if I tried. They taught me to love the characters who wore the mask of Batgirl. What I offer is different, but for my little part, and this one issue, I hope it moves you.

I love Marguerite Bennett and Babs. 

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