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I got my film back from my trip to Italy. I was going to do a photoset but I couldn’t decide on 10 so I just moshed everything in a gif. 

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Since we have a scanner at work and I still haven’t emptied out my wallet i decided to scan all of the things that were still in there from London and Italy. Obviously you can tell i don’t go through my wallet much. But its just a bunch of transportation tickets, a left over 5 euro from Venezia, 50 pence from london, PTM concert i went to over there, and i believe a coffee receipt from italy. Bits and bobs really. I should go through my coat pockets and other bags to collect all the tickets and everything for a collage. I’m sure i have plenty to create something into a souvenir. 

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(early GPOYW) This was taken by Ray in Padova, Italy. 

It was after I took a 8hr flight into london, 4hr layover in heathrow, 3hr flight into Venice, 35min bus ride, and a 5 hr walk through of Padova. Needless to say, as soon as I saw the couch I turned my scarf and jacket into my own blanket burrito and fell asleep within seconds. It pretty much summed up my first day abroad perfectly. 

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My two days in Italy and the girl with the homemade cigarette.

Venice was absolutely amazing (i’m currently uploading pictures right now and hopefully within the next hour they’ll be on tumblr), I had a great time and I found it kind of awesome that you can walk down the narrow side streets on Venezia and hear so many different languages. Everyone is literally a tourist. But it was beautiful. I also got to ride a water boat  on the grand canal! That was pretty rad, especially since everyone just runs on to the boat like their getting chased by zombies. Venice at sunset though, especially night time is the best. All the lights that glimmer off the water, gah. I had to pinch myself the entire time to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I am definitely bummed i’m not staying in Venice, Italy - but you know to actually experience it for the limited time I did is just as amazing. Plus, the people are incredibly friendly. I want to put that out there, Italy - you all were super nice to me. Thank you.

I was a bit worried about taking Ryanair. It was the cheapest flight so you should have very low expectations to begin with. It wasn’t all that bad, I got the exit row so I had plenty of leg room, but I find it funny that their airline is basically the popup ad’s of company’s. They tried to sell Lottery tickets, calendars, magazines, perfume, food, drinks, I mean literally everything the entire 2 hour flight. But you know, I survived. 

Landed back in London around midnight to gray, foggy, raining, and cold weather. The usual. I took the bus into central london where i’m currently living and my friend who was supposed to pick me up, fell asleep. So as you can imagine being in London at 2am on a Saturday night with no phone or anywhere close to a pay phone - I was kind of freaking out. Actually, I was borderline about to cry. Also to note, there was a girl walking through the station with no pants on. No pants. She had a glittery top and high heels, but.. that was it. I didn’t know where I was for a few minutes. 

I had my friends mobile number, all I needed was a phone. I asked everyone to use their mobile for 5 seconds to call my friend and they all practically looked at me like a loon. Then again, I should expect that. I’d probably give the same look if the situation was reverse. Anyways, there was this girl rolling up her own cigarette with these really wicked locs, and I decided to ask if I could use her mobile. She laughed and said, “if you run away with it i’m going to be fucked, yeah.” So I gave her my bookbag as collateral. I attempted to write my friends number, but I ended up missing one fucking number! I almost cried right there, thankfully this amazing girl had a facebook app and let me log into my messages to retrieve the right number. Not only that, after getting in contact with my ride, she sat on the bench with me until he came. She makes her own homemade cigarettes, from italy, and currently staying in London for Uni. Needless to say, we exchanged e-mails because I’m going to take her out for lunch tomorrow as a thank you. 

So here I am now. Sitting on a cozy bed at 4am with ton’s of pictures uploading to my laptop sinking it all in. Yesterday I was in Italy, and tonight i’m sleeping in London. I can’t believe not only did I get here safe, but I had the balls to just leap without looking. This has been my biggest accomplishment and I really am proud of myself. Now I have a whole different adventure to look forward to, and I think i’m starting to find my inspiration again, you guys.


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Today i’m going to explore Venice before my flight back to London tonight. Ray and I are going to drag my suitcase all through the city unfortunately lol. I have tons of pictures to upload when I get to london, so be patient!

Yesterday I had an amazing gelato (pistachio, caramel, and peppered chocolate) along with hot chocolate. I’m getting spoiled over here. The architecture is just breath taking, I get caught up because the things i’m walking past are buildings and structures I read about in my art history books. So being able to experience them (especially the churches) is just amazing. Plus, I get to cross, “i woke up in Italy” off my bucket list.

I’m sorry I’ve been spotty all over my blog with no real updates. Since landing here the only thing I’ve had is shitty airport internet and borrowing people’s laptops. I’ll be more stable when I get back to London tonight. So thanks for sticking with me and making sure that i’m alright. I wish I could bring you all something back from this trip. Have a great night/morning you guys! 

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Did I tell you guys i’m in Italy?

I’m in Italy. 

Thanks to Ray. He’s nice, bought me cookies, and he picked me up from the airport, and didn’t kill me or touch me inappropriately, and brought me to a flat with people who also didn’t kill me. Yet.

Can I just say that Italy looks exactly like Assassins Creed. I wanted to scale every wall in search of something. Just thought you’d guys like to know. That, and i’m alive. 

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