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My year in pictures: 2012

Oh man, lets see if i can do this. For the last two years it was possible for me to really take pictures to capture my month-to-month since the time was available for me. But this year i’ve been a non-stop work horse so being able to capture anything at all seemed a little impossible. However, i do this for myself. I like looking back and seeing the things that i did in the past because it makes me excited for the future. Especially with how much i change with each growing year. So, without further ado, here we go. 



My brothers and i decided to move in together. They weren’t home often enough to really live inside an apartment, and i wasn’t financially stable enough to live on my own in an apartment i rarely would be at. It was a win win situation for all parties. I moved into a studio room that was used as storage so my room now that i’ve been living in sort of resembles the inside of a toy box. 

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