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"I’ve been to comic con for more than a decade and every time I go to the floor, I go with the intention of buying a cool statute of a female and I have yet to find one that doesn’t look like a porn star. I was walking the floor yesterday, I was like, somebody needs to start a little maquette business that has cool iconic poses for women that don’t look like they’re breaking their spines, and might be, dare I say, clad. There’s male versions of that being overly muscular and striking weird poses and stuff. But honestly, it seems really late in the game for there to be NOTHING but cheese cake down there for the people to be buying and for the kids to be looking at. We should have something better than that."
Joss Whedon at his Q&A panel from the 2012 SDCC
(31:50min marker x)
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Realistic Battle Damaged Stormtrooper Helmet Made by Rizwane

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