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Millenium Bridge, London England
(St Paul’s Cathedral in the background)

I went to Tate Modern today with Ray. It’s the only museum in London i haven’t been to so i wanted to check this off before i leave to the states tomorrow afternoon. I kept calling Millenium Bridge the “Harry Potter” bridge since it was in the Deathly Hallows, but Ray refused to acknowledge my request. We went to Winter Wonderland afterwards so i can get me a german sausage (thats what she said) and to look abouts another hat. Ray convinced me to get donuts there, which was the best thing he ever made me do. I’m not going to say how many he ate *coughSEVENcough* but they were the most delicious things in the world. Afterwards we walked up and down Picadilly Circus looking at all the shops. It was a really good evening. I’ve spent more than a month in London and i’m sure i’ve only scratched the surface to everything there is to get into. But i’ve done a whole lot. So tonight just going to a museum and being around good company was the perfect way to end my last evening in England. Surely my adventure doesn’t end here.

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